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Eastron Electronic Co., Ltd. headquartered in Jiaxing, China, near to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiangsu, is one of the leading high-tech manufacturer and supplier for electricity products and energy measurement solutions. Over the years, we have developed a rich range of electricity meters, sensors, communication modules and management systems.

Eastron keeps investing on the research and development of new technology and new products on electricity metering. We have energetic and innovative development teams in both China and UK,which help us keep the competitive edge in the market. MID Energy meter Manufacturers and Custom MID Energy meter Company in China.The collaboration with leading universities and institutions also brings many cutting-edge technology into our products. To make sure the reliability of the products, Eastron has setup own professional lab that can performs EMC, LVD, accuracy and environment tests according to IEC, EN, GB, UL standards.

With more than 40 patented technologies on software, embedded software and hardware, Eastron has been awarded with “High-tech Enterprise” and “High-tech R&D Centre of Electricity Application”. Eastron strictly follows ISO 9001 Quality management system, and the production is approved by SGS according to MID standard. Supply Custom MID Energy meter for sale.

Creating value to and growing up with our partners is our mission. Eastron provides not only the high quality and innovative products, but also first-class service to all our customers. We have professional team for technical supports and aftersales services. We have provided products and services to more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific, America, Middle East, and Africa. We pride ourselves on having long long-term partners globally that allows us to further our growth and bring our innovation and quality to the market.

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Industry Knowledge

What is MID energy meter?
MID stands for Measuring Instruments Directive, which is a European Union (EU) directive that sets requirements for measuring instruments used for legal or trade purposes. An MID energy meter, therefore, is an energy meter that has been certified to comply with the requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive.
MID energy meters are used for measuring the consumption of electricity, gas, water, or heat in commercial and industrial applications where accuracy and reliability are essential. They are also used in applications where the energy consumption data is used for billing purposes, such as in apartment buildings, offices, and factories.
MID energy meters must comply with specific technical requirements, such as accuracy, metrological traceability, and conformity assessment procedures. They are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurement data, and they are subject to periodic testing and verification to ensure ongoing compliance with the directive.
MID energy meters may also include additional features, such as data communication interfaces, which allow for remote data collection and analysis. This can be particularly useful for energy management and efficiency initiatives, as it enables users to monitor their energy consumption and identify areas where improvements can be made.
What can MID energy meter be used for?
A MID energy meter (Measuring Instruments Directive) is a type of electricity meter that meets certain European Union (EU) standards for accuracy and reliability. These meters are suitable for various applications, including:
Billing purposes: MID energy meters are commonly used for billing customers in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. These meters accurately measure the amount of energy consumed by a customer, allowing for accurate billing.
Renewable energy systems: MID energy meters can be used to measure the amount of energy generated by renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, or hydroelectric generators. This allows system owners to track the amount of energy they generate and use, which can be helpful for determining the system's efficiency and for claiming government incentives or rebates.
Energy management: MID energy meters can be used in conjunction with energy management systems to monitor and control energy usage in buildings, factories, or other facilities. This can help optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, and improve overall energy efficiency.
Smart grid applications: MID energy meters are often used in smart grid applications, where they can communicate with other devices and systems to enable advanced energy management and monitoring capabilities.
MID energy meters are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of applications where accurate measurement of energy consumption or generation is necessary.