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Eastron Electronic Co., Ltd. headquartered in Jiaxing, China, near to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiangsu, is one of the leading high-tech manufacturer and supplier for electricity products and energy measurement solutions. Over the years, we have developed a rich range of electricity meters, sensors, communication modules and management systems.

Eastron keeps investing on the research and development of new technology and new products on electricity metering. We have energetic and innovative development teams in both China and UK,which help us keep the competitive edge in the market. Three phase ETL energy meter Suppliers and Wholesale Three phase ETL energy meter Factory in China.The collaboration with leading universities and institutions also brings many cutting-edge technology into our products. To make sure the reliability of the products, Eastron has setup own professional lab that can performs EMC, LVD, accuracy and environment tests according to IEC, EN, GB, UL standards.

With more than 40 patented technologies on software, embedded software and hardware, Eastron has been awarded with “High-tech Enterprise” and “High-tech R&D Centre of Electricity Application”. Eastron strictly follows ISO 9001 Quality management system, and the production is approved by SGS according to MID standard. Supply Wholesale Three phase ETL energy meter for sale.

Creating value to and growing up with our partners is our mission. Eastron provides not only the high quality and innovative products, but also first-class service to all our customers. We have professional team for technical supports and aftersales services. We have provided products and services to more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific, America, Middle East, and Africa. We pride ourselves on having long-term partners globally that allows us to further our growth and bring our innovation and quality to the market.

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Industry Knowledge

How to use three phase ETL energy meter?
To use a three-phase ETL energy meter, you can follow these general steps:
Install the meter according to the manufacturer's instructions: The installation process may vary depending on the specific model of your meter. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper installation.
Connect the meter to the power source: Typically, a three-phase ETL energy meter will have three current transformers that need to be connected to the three phases of the power supply. Ensure that the connections are made correctly and securely.
Configure the meter settings: Most three-phase ETL energy meters will have a configuration mode that allows you to set parameters such as the voltage and current ratings, the number of phases, and the communication settings.
Start the meter: Once the meter is installed and configured, turn on the power supply and the meter should start reading the energy consumption.
Read the meter: The meter will typically display the energy consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh). You can read the display periodically to track your energy usage.
Communicate with the meter: Some three-phase ETL energy meters have communication capabilities that allow you to retrieve data remotely, such as via a local network or the internet. You may need to set up the communication settings during the configuration step.
Note that the specific steps may vary depending on the model and manufacturer of your three-phase ETL energy meter. It's always best to consult the user manual for specific instructions.
How does the three phase ETL energy meter work?
A three-phase ETL energy meter is an electronic device used to measure and record the amount of electrical energy consumed by a three-phase electrical system. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction and measures the voltage and current flowing through the system using sensors.
The meter consists of three measuring elements, each one connected to a phase of the three-phase system. Each measuring element contains a voltage and current sensor that senses the voltage and current of the respective phase. These sensors convert the electrical signals into proportional analog signals that are then converted into digital signals using an analog-to-digital converter (ADC).
The digital signals from the voltage and current sensors are processed by a microprocessor in the meter, which calculates the active power, reactive power, and apparent power consumed by the system. The meter also records the voltage, current, and power factor of the system.
The meter stores the accumulated energy consumption data, which can be read using a digital display or downloaded to a computer or other data collection device for analysis. The data can be used to monitor and manage energy consumption, billing, and load balancing in a three-phase electrical system.