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  • SMART X302Hz Frequency Meter

    • Safe operation
    • Wide range of size for all existing installation
    • Very easy to mounting
    • High accuracy
    • 1A or 5A input
    • Available for AC or DC system
    • Programmable CT/PT ratio

    • Description
    • Diagram
    • Manual Download


    The EASTRON SMART X302Hz 96x96 ( optional 72x 72 and 48 x 96) digital Frequency meter adopts alternating current sampling techniques, which enables it to measure Frequency in the grid. With its high accuracy, good stability, good resistance to vibration, and intuitive display. It is convenient to install, easy to wire, and simple to maintain, and it is an upgrade product of various types of the pointer header. 


    Display Range



    Current 10tims/ 5 seconds                  

    Voltage 2 times/1 second 

    Normal Input 

    AC current 1A, 5A 

    AC 100V, 220V,380V,1000V

    Power Consumption 

    ≤ 2VA 

    Dielectric Strength 

    2kV/ 1min 

    Working temperature 

    -25°C - +55°C

    Storage temperature 

    -30°C - +70°C

    Insulation resistance 

    > 100MΩ 

    AC withstand voltage 

    AC 2kV 

    ESD ( Electro- Static discharge) level     


    Electrical fast transient burst lever 


    Dimension (optional) 

    48 x96 mm 

    72 x72 mm

    48 x96 mm 

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