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  • SDM320D 100A 230V Single Phase Two Wires kWh Meter

    • Measure active energy
    • LCD display
    • Pulse output
    • Din rail Mounted
    • 100A direct connection
    • Class 1.0 accuracy
    • 76mm width 4 modual
    • Description
    • Diagram
    • Manual Download


    The Eastron SDM320D/A DIN rail single phase two wire energy meter with S0 pulse output. SDM320D has LCD display, and SDM320A has analog display, based on kWh. The meter is provided with a non-volatile memory system that ensures that the readings are not lost or altered when power off. The meter allows up to 100A direct load in single phase application. It is perfect measuring instruments for AMR system or Energy monitoring and control system.

    General Specifications
    Voltage AC (Un) 230V
    Voltage Range  176~276V AC
    Base Current (Ib)   10A
    Max. Current (Imax) 100A
    Mini Current (Imin)  0.5A
    Starting current  0.4% of Ib
    Power consumption  <2W/10VA
    Frequency   50/60Hz(±10%)
    AC voltage withstand  4KV for 1 minute
    Impulse voltage withstand  6KV-1.2uS wavform
    Overcurrent withstand  30Imax for 0.01s
    Pulse output rate 


    Display  SDM220D LCD (backlit optional)
    SDM220A electromechanical register
    Max. Reading  99999.9kWh
    Voltage 0.5% of range maximum
    Current 0.5% of nominal
    Frequency   0.2% of mid-frequency
    Power factor 1% of Unity
    Active power   1% of range maximum
    Reactive power   1% of range maximum
    Apparent power  1% of range maximum
    Active energy  Class 1 IEC62053-21
    Class B EN50470-3
    Reactive energy  1% of range maximum
    Operating temperature   -25℃ to + 55℃
    Storage and transportation temperature  -40℃ to +70℃
    Reference temperature 23℃±2℃
    Relative humidity   0 to 95%, non-condensing
    Altitude  up to 2500m
    Warm up time  10s
    Mechanical Environment M1
    Electromagnetic environment E2
    Degree of pollution  2

    Pulse output

    The SDM320D/A DIN rail energy meter is equipped with a pulse output which is fully separated from the inside circuit. That generates pulses in proportion to the measured energy for accuracy testing. 

    The pulse output is a polarity dependant, passive transistor output requiring an external voltage source for correct operation. For this external voltage source, the voltage (Ui) should is 5-27V DC, and the maximum input current (Imax) is 27mA DC. To connect the impulse output, connect 5-27V DC to connector 6 (anode), and the signal wire (S) to connector 5 (cathode). The meter pulses is indicated on the front panel.