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  • SDM530CT-MT 5A CT 3Ph/4W Multifunction Multi-tariff Energy Meter With Modbus Communication

    • Measures kWh Kvarh, KW, Kvar, KVA, P, F, PF, Hz, dmd, V, A, etc.
    • Bi-directional measurement IMP & EXP
    • Two pulse outputs
    • RS485 Port modbus RTU
    • Din rail Mounted
    • 100A direct connection
    • 4 tariffs,10 time segments
    • Class 1.0 accuracy
    • 7 modual width
    • Description
    • Diagram
    • Manual Download
    The SDM530CT-MT measures and displays the characteristics of three phase four wires (3p4w) supplies, including voltage, frequency, current, power, active and reactive energy, imported or exported. Energy is measured in terms of kWh, kVArh. Maximum demand current can be measured over preset periods of up to 60 minutes. In order to measure energy, the unit requires voltage and current inputs in addition to the supply required to power the product.

    SDM530CT-MT can be configured to work with a wide range of CTs, giving the unit a wide range of operation. Built-in interfaces provides pulse and RS485 Modbus RTU outputs. Configuration is password protected

    Measured Parameters
    The unit can monitor and display the following parameters of four phase four wires (3p4w) supply.

     Voltage and Current
    Phase to neutral voltages 176 to 274V a.c.

     Power factor and Frequency and Max. Demand
    Frequency in Hz
    Instantaneous power:
    Power 0 to 9,900,000 W
    Reactive Power 0 to 9,900,000 VAr
    Volt-amps 0 to 9,900,000  VA
    Maximum demanded power since last Demand reset Power factor
    Maximum neutral demand current, since the last Demand reset

     Energy Measurements
     Imported active energy    0 to 9999999.9 kWh
     Exported active energy     0 to 9999999.9 kWh
     Imported reactive energy   0 to 9999999.9 kVArh
     Exported reactive energy   0 to 9999999.9 kVArh
     Total active energy           0 to 9999999.9 kWh
     Total reactive energy         0 to 9999999.9 kVArh

     Voltage                           0·5% of range maximum
     Current                            0·5% of nominal
     Frequency                        0·2% of mid-frequency
     Power factor                     1% of unity (0.01)
     Active power (W)               ±1% of range maximum
     Reactive power (VAr)          ±1% of range maximum
     Apparent power (VA)          ±1% of range maximum
     Active energy (Wh)            Class 1 IEC 62053-21
     Reactive energy (VARh)        ±1% of range maximum
     Interfaces for External Monitoring
    Three interfaces are provided:
     an RS485 communication channel that can be programmed via protocol remotely.
     an Pulse output(Pulse 1) indicating real-time measured energy.(configurable)
     an Pulse output(Pulse 2)   
    The Modbus configuration (Baud rate etc.) and the pulse output assignments (kW/kVArh, import/export etc.) are configured through the Set-up screens.

     Pulse Output
    The unit provides two pulse outputs. Both pulse outputs are passive type.
    Pulse output 1 is configurable. The pulse output can be set to generate pulses to represent total / import/export kWh or kVarh.
    The pulse constant can be set to generate 1 pulse per:
    0.01 = 10 Wh/VArh
    0.1 = 100 Wh/VArh
    1 = 1 kWh/kVArh
    100 = 100 kWh/kVArh
    1000= 10000 kWh/kVArh
    Pulse width: 200/100/60ms
    Pulse output 2 is non-configurable. It is fixed up with active kWh. The constant is 1000imp/kWh.

     RS485 Output for Modbus RTU
    For Modbus RTU, the following RS485 communication parameters can be configured from the Set-up menu:
    Baud rate 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
    Parity none (default)/odd/even
    Stop bits 1 or 2
    RS485 network address nnn – 3-digit number, 001 to 247

     Reference Conditions of Influence Quantities
    Influence Quantities are variables that affect measurement errors to a minor degree. Accuracy is verified under nominal value (within the specified tolerance) of these conditions.
     Ambient temperature               23°C ±1°C
     Input waveform                    50 or 60Hz ±2%
     Input waveform                    Sinusoidal (distortion factor < 0·005)
     Magnetic field of external origin       Terrestrial flux

     Operating temperature             -25°C to +55°C
     Storage temperature               -40°C to +70°C
     Relative humidity                  0 to 90%, non-condensing
     Altitude                          Up to 2000m
     Warm up time                     1 minute
     Vibration                         10Hz to 50Hz, IEC 60068-2-6, 2g