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Lora Energy Management System(LEMS)


Lora Energy Management System(LEMS) designed by Eastron
Electronic, is a new generation energy meter remote reading solution based on LoRa wireless communication.    Compare to the traditional Bus line communication, LoRa technology provides a simpler, quicker and cheaper way to monitor and control the energy consumption remotely.   
Eastron LEMS contains LoRa Energy Meters, LoRa repeater, LoRa Gateway, LoRa Convertor, Management Software.
Eastron LEMS is a flexible solution, both LoRaMesh (self-defined) and LoRaWAN
(Standard) are available.  Eastron LoRaMesh system use self-defined LoRa protocol  for wireless RF communication. Eastron also provides single phase and three phase meter with LoRaWan protocol. 

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