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  • SDM72CT-Bi Three Phase kWh/ W Meter With Pulse Output, Bi-directional Measurement, CT connection, Resettable

    kWh & W

    Bi-directional measurement

    Pulse output
    CT connected 
    72mm 4 modual width
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    The SDM72CT series is digital three phase 4 wire energy meter with a white back-lighted LCD screen for perfect reading. It provides an economical solution for active energy and active power measurement in three phase applications. It is high accurate, durable and reliable. The SDM72CT-D is used to measure three-phase energy in commercial and Industrial applications. The unit measures and displays active energy (kWh). SDM72CT-DR provides a separate register for resettable energy, which allows use to monitor the energy consumption happens in a certain period.  SDM72CT-Bi measures both import and export energy, is an ideal product for bi-directional applications.

    Voltage AC (Un)                    3x230(400)V

    Voltage Range                      80~120% Un

    Base Current (Ib)                  100mA, 333mV, 5A CT input

    Max. Current (Imax)             120% of Ib AC

    Mini Current (Imin)               5% of Ib AC

    Starting current                     0.4% of Ib

    Power consumption             <2W/10VA

    Frequency                              50/60Hz

    AC voltage withstand           4KV for 1 minute

    Impulse voltage withstand   6KV-1.2uS wavform

    Overcurrent withstand          20max 0Ifor 0.5s

    Pulse output rate                   1000imp/kWh (default)  

    Display                                    LCD with backlit

    Max. Reading                        999999.9kWh

    Active energy                        Class 1 IEC62053-21

                                                     Class B EN50470-3


    Operating temperature                                 -25℃ to +55℃

    Storage and transportation temperature   -40℃ to +70℃

    Reference temperature                                23℃±2℃

    Warm up time                                                 10s

    Installation category                                      CAT III

    Mechanical Environment                             M1

    Electromagnetic environment                     E2

    Voltage                                                            0.5% of range maximum
    Current                                                            0.5% of nominal
    Frequency                                                      0.2% of mid-frequency
    Power factor                                                  1% of Unity
    Active power                                                  1% of range maximum
    Reactive power                                             1% of range maximum
    Apparent power                                             1% of range maximum
    Active energy                                                 Class 1 IEC62053-21
                                                                              Class B EN50470-3

    Reactive energy                                            1% of range maximum