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  • HAG II Distribution Box, 1way~8ways

    High impact resistance material

    Widely application

    CE Certified

    Easy for the wiring and routing

    DIN rail connection

    Flame retardant

    Supplied with removable earth/ neutral bar

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    Product Application

    It can be widely used in family,office,factory,hospital,public building etc.

    Main Features

    1.High impact resistance material

    2.Flame retardant

    3.Easy for the wiring and routing

    4.Adjustable and easy for installation.

    5.Excellent insulation performance


    Dimension ( L x W x H)

    HAG II-1ways         

    34 x 130 x 60

    HAG II-2ways

    52 x 130 x 60

    HAG II-4ways

    87 x 130 x 60

    HAG II-6ways

    125 x 160 x 60

    HAG II-8ways

    160x 160 x 60