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  • ESRS-TSL Staircase lighting timer Possibility of 3 wire connection

    • Microcontroller based
    • Modular design,18mm wide housing
    • Possibility of 3 wire connection
    • ON,OFF,AUTO three operation modes
    • Repetition accuracy<0.2%
    • LCD indication for relay status
    • DIN-Rail mounting
    • Description
    • Diagram
    • Manual Download

    Main technical data

    Rated supply voltage

    Type of contact 1NO(AgNi)
    Rated current(lth) 10A
    Power consumption <1.5VA
    Incandescent lamp load 2000W
    Fluorescent lamp load,leat-lag circuit 1000W
    Fluorescent lamp load,inductive-capacitive 1000W
    Fluorescent lamp load,parallel compensated 650W
    Inductive load,cos$=0.6@230V 650W
    Mechanical life 106
    Electrical life 105
    Time range 0.5-20m
    Setting accuracy ≤5%
    Repetition accuracy ≤0.2%
    Maximum load of illuminated switch 50mA
    Reset time ≥200ms
    Altitude ≤2000m
    Protection degree IP20
    Pollution degree 3
    Ambient temperature  -5℃~+40℃
    Pemissable relative humidity ≤50%(40℃.without condensation)
    Ambient temperature  -5℃~+40℃
    Storage temperature  -25℃~+75℃