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  • SMART X320M Multifunction Netwrok Electric Power Meter with RS485 Communication

    • Measures kWh Kvarh, KW, Kvar, KVA, P etc
    • RS485 communication
    • Real time wave display
    • Event record
    • Harmonic measure
    • Analog output
    • Replay output

    • Description
    • Diagram
    • Manual Download


    EASTRON X320M multifunction monitor power meter with high ability and precision power parameter, in real time measure, harmonic measure, positive and negative active power/ reactive power electric measure, Time-sharing count, fix time mark, power quality analyze, real time wave display,event record, demand, and with configure abundance input output ports to monitor and control locale device status, and integration RS485 communication port, integration with each kinds intelligent distribute system and power energy manage system, share abundance monitor data and power quality data. It has widely application, like energy manage system, power monitor system, industry and mining enterprise, public place, intelligent building and switch board.


    Power source

         AC/DC 85~265V

    Energy pulse

         Dry power optical coupler collector output fixed pulse width recording 80mS ±20%          


         RS485 communication port, physical layer isolation.  standard Modbus-RTU                        

         Baud Rate 1200~9600;                                                                        

         Test type: N81,E81,O81

    Analog output  

          0/4~20mA or 0~5/10V Transmitted output Program set transmitted and relative value

    Relay output

          Programme remote / Alarm relay output                                                      

          Capacity 5A/250VAC 5A/ 30VDC

    Remote Switch

          Remote switch input measure, dry contact input, Program relate alarm output


          Energy: 0.5S                                                                                         

         Active Power: 0.5S                                                                             

         Reactive Power: 1S


          LCD display

    Working temperature


    Relative Humidy


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