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Latest MID Approved Remote Control Energy Meters

We’re delighted to announce that SDM530C, three phase remote control energy meter, have been the number of Eastron MID products family.

Moreover, SDM320C, single phase remote control energy meter, is also MID pending!



Both of the two meters have built-in relay with alarm function. The relay can be controlled manually by RS485 Modbus or it can also be opened automatically when alarm is triggered.

Below is a demo video to show how to control built-in relays by RS485 Modbus RTU remotely: 



For more specifications, please check these products in our website:

SDM320C: http://eastron2020.057321.com/product_detail.php?id=166&menu1=36&menu2=51

SDM530C: http://eastron2020.057321.com/product_detail.php?id=168&menu1=36&menu2=51

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